Compounding Hormone Replacement Therapy for a Younger You

Compounding Hormone Replacement Therapy for a Younger You

Hormones impact a lot of areas of our health, including our metabolism, mood, and sexual reproductive function. Unbalanced hormones make us feel that we are in somebody else’s skin. These can be caused by many factors, including menopause. But compounded hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can restore balance and help us feel like ourselves again.

The Role of a Compounding Pharmacist

Pharmacy compounding is the science of preparing customized medicines for patients. It is used to fit the hormone level and body of each patient. Hormone replacement therapy can make use of hormones with the specific chemical structure as the body’s hormones.

A hormone evaluation is conducted by a compounding pharmacist. The professional may assist a healthcare provider in interpreting saliva test results. The results of the diagnostic test will be used for identifying a course of treatment that will provide the patient the specific amount of hormones for her body.

A pharmacist from a compounding pharmacy in Houston TX works with the patient and her healthcare provider to help her begin and maintain a hormone replacement regimen which brings back her hormones into balance and mimics the body’s natural functioning. The healthcare provider will prescribe hormones in a variety of dosage forms and strengths. When the therapy starts, the pharmacist will continuously work with the patient and her healthcare provider to ensure it is working correctly.

Benefits of Compounding HRT

Compounding can aid HRT in some ways, including the following:

  • Makes you Feel and Look Young Again. As we age, our hormone levels start to deplete, which causes us to lose skin elasticity and energy. Compounding is essential to restore the ideal hormone levels of the body. Aside from the letting you take the dosages we need to see significant improvements, compounding provides you access to more medications, and bypass those that might not provide you the best effects.

  • Replenishes your Body with Estrogen. A lot of people consider hormone therapy when they reach the menopausal stage. As you get older, the natural production of estrogen hormones in the body will stop. Compounding can help in replenishing these hormones. General medication and supplement intake may not give you enough hormones, or may result in hormone overdose, which can result in the growth of body hair, breast soreness, and excessive vaginal bleeding.

  • Helps you Achieve your Ideal Weight. Sometimes, no matter how much effort you put into your weight loss regimen, achieving an ideal weight is simply not possible. This may be surprising; however, this is true. Even if you have done it right, if you have adrenal or thyroid hormone deficiencies, you just cannot lose weight. In fact, if your adrenal and thyroid glands are not working properly, you will continue to gain weight and lose energy to try to work off the weight you have gained.

Compounding hormone therapy helps in restoring the hormone levels in your adrenal and thyroid glands based upon your physique. It is the best option to really lose weight and feel energized.

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