Do you need a wheelchair prescription?


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We have seen wheelchairs being ridden by the physically disabled or patients at the hospital. You might have ridden on a wheelchair when you were admitted to the hospital or tried sitting down on it to know how it works and what it feels like. But mind you, wheelchairs are not for everybody as these movable chairs have special functions to help a patient perform his/her tasks. Let us see if you need a wheelchair prescription.

A wheelchair, as mentioned above, is a movable chair that can be manual or electronic. Some wheelchairs nowadays have buttons to help control the patient’s movement since manual wheelchairs may take a lot of effort from a patient’s push or from a guardian’s push. A wheelchair is often prescribed whenever a person is unable to walk on his/her own.

Wheelchairs are prescribed by doctors when one is facing temporary or permanent physical disabilities. For instance, a person with diabetes whose legs have been recently amputated needs a wheelchair for the rest of his/her life. Another is when a person breaks his/her bones in an unfortunate accident. He/she may need it temporarily.

People with paralysis, musculoskeletal issues, broken bones in the legs or feet, neurological conditions, gait issues, inability to walk can benefit from a wheelchair. Depending on the patient’s situation, the usage of the wheelchair can last from a few months to a lifetime.

Wheelchair designs vary, but you can choose on how it may function: whether manually or electronically. Truth be told, electronic wheelchairs are more expensive than the manual ones. Wheelchairs need to fit the patient’s needs and situation. It should also withstand you all throughout the time you need it. Basically, it’s your health partner or buddy. A wheelchair should also ensure comfort and convenience for a patient who needs to move around, but is limited to do so.

Here at MedX Pharmacy, we do not only offer compounding, refilling, transferring, and delivery services for drugs, but we also offer wheelchairs for those who need it the most. We pay extra attention to our customer’s needs and current situation to ensure a better lifestyle for them. You can pick up the wheelchair personally or we can deliver it to your home or facility. MedX Compounding Pharmacy in Broadway Street Pearland Texas will always be of service to our dear customers. Call us now at 281-506-2453 for more details.

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