Facts about Compounding

Facts about compounding

The pharmaceutical industry always excites us with their new drug development for a cure for cancer, AIDS and all those other illnesses that badly needs medications. Compounding Pharmacies are pharmacies that prepare an individual drug to meet the exact prescription of a licensed physician, to be given out directly to the patient. This type of pharmaceutical business continues to be a struggle because they play a critical role in drug development. But need not to worry because here are three facts about compounding:

FACT 1: Compounding differs from drug manufacturing

Yep, they seem so similar but they really are so different. As aforementioned, compounding pharmacies alter the physical and chemical properties of a certain drug to reach the medication needs of a patient as prescribed by a doctor.

Even if compounding aren’t really FDA-approved, majority of these compounding pharmacies are totally legit because the compounding pharmacist that prepares the drugs are supervised by another licensed pharmacist.

Meanwhile, drug manufacturing is totally FDA-approved because it is a mass production of drug products that are sold to pharmacies, physicians, health practitioners and other who are authorized according to state and federal laws.

FACT 2: Compounding drugs are NOT experimental drugs

In the US, pharmacists have really specific jobs to do. These experimental drugs are those drugs that are still under the study of the research and development sect of the pharmaceutical industries. The test subjects for experimental drugs aren’t lab rats or other marsupials; instead, they test it out on human beings.

Compounding is just the adjustments of the dosage, like the weight of the medicine and the other active substances that can possibly be added to lessen the effect of toxicity.

FACT 3: Compounding drugs are NOT over the counter drugs

Yes, there are compounding pharmacies scattered everywhere that offers compounding drugs but that doesn’t mean you can easily get one. Over the counter drugs are drugs like Advil, Tylenol, Panadol and etc. These can easily be bought at your local drugstores without prescription since they’re commonly painkillers.

Before you can purchase a compounding drug, you need to have a doctor’s prescription. You are not allowed to buy these drugs with no trouble. These aren’t just your typical pain killers; they are a vital part of medication or therapy to a patient who needs them. MedX Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy in Broadway Street Pearland Texas that gives quality compounded drugs to their customers.

Compounding may not be acknowledged that much by the people, but it really is a huge help to those patients who need it. Some of them are even scared to try it out because of the health risks attached to it. Compounding doesn’t have to be something we fear as long as it’s done the right way by professionals we can trust.

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