It’s never easy but doesn’t have to be hard: Hospice care


Being told by a physician that your time in this world already has a toll is devastating. The message does not sink in immediately and we face denial and anger and all the stages of grieving. After such a diagnosis some physicians refer patients to hospice care.

Hospice care is a specialized and personalized care that aims to support a patient with an advanced illness that most likely will cause the patient pain. Hospice care doesn’t only involve pain management physically but it involves pain management emotionally as well. We at MedX Pharmacy have professional caregivers ready to ensure that you and your loved one’s life is as pain free as possible.

Emotional hurt is already enough pain to experience and we at MedX Pharmacy know what a patient with an advanced illness physically feels. You can trust us to give reliable hospice care to your loved one through the following services that really center on your loved one’s needs:

  • 24/7 all year round on call service – We at MedX Pharmacy don’t want you to worry about availability for hospice care because we care for your needs. We make ourselves available to you literally any time.
  • Specialty Compounding – As a Compounding Pharmacy in Houston TX we also offer specialty compounding services to ensure your medication is being properly met.
  • Full Hospice Formulary – We follow a full hospice formulary to ensure that management of a patient’s symptoms from his/her disease is being addressed.
  • Unit Dosing – We see to it that we as a Compounding Pharmacy in Houston TX prepare the exact medication doses your loved one needs to take at the right time.

Facing the reality and accepting the truth is never easy. When someone you love is diagnosed with an illness that has no cure the best we can do is to give that loved one all the love and care we can give.

At MedX Pharmacy we share your sentiments and we aim to help you get through this difficult time. You don’t have to be burdened with the needs of your loved one and you can focus more on spending all the time you want to spend with your loved one.

As a Compounding Pharmacy in Houston TX we offer specialized compounding to fit the needs of your loved one well. To avail our services, email us now at or call us at 281-506-2453.

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