Love and More Drugs

Love and More Drugs

Drugs are scary, intriguing and life-changing all at the same time. It is scary when overused; intriguing because they’re always present on every newspaper; life-changing because we know there’s really nothing we can do but resort to drugs to cure our illnesses.

But when your loved one, your baby or maybe your mom is in that hospital bed, lying helplessly with IV’s and all those other tubes that you don’t even know what for is there in front of you, and here comes the doctor with a prescription for a compounding drug.

And you’re just there like “what does it even mean?”

If you’re new to compounding drugs, then you shouldn’t really worry about the possible health risks related to this because the FDA regularly inspections pharmacies that produce these drugs but as long as you have a trusted physician and a trusted pharmacist that is why you need to ask your doctor before going into this venture for looking local compounding pharmacies.

Knowingly, compounding is a practice known to the pharmaceutical industry in which a licensed pharmacist, a licensed doctor or a person under the care of a licensed pharmacist who alters or combines chemicals of a drug to create a new type of medication fit for the needs of a certain patient.

This is usually prescribed when the patient, for example, your baby needs to swallow a pill but cannot and needs a medicine in liquid form that is not commercially available at your local drugstores. The amount of chemicals in the medicine will be adjusted by the pharmacist and later, change it to something that can be easily taken by the patient.

Anyhow, compounding drugs aren’t really FDA-approved. The pharmacists that conduct compounding will be held responsible if something was done wrong. Patients and health professionals depend on the approval of the drugs to guarantee the operational use and safety of the said drugs.

Let’s just keep in mind that pharmaceutical compounding continues to play with fire in the development of drugs. But we shouldn’t be worried about it putting our health into risk. When the doctor you commit your full trust to opt to give you a compounding drug for medication, take it with critical care and understanding and know that there are compounding pharmacies that will ensure you quality drugs. Because we all know that we make risks for the ones we love.

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