Compounding Pharmacy

Prescription Medication Compounding

Serving Pearland, TX

Compounding is a return to customer-driven pharmaceutical care. When “out-of-the-box” pills or dosages are not the best solution for YOUR needs, our pharmacists can customize the medicines and their delivery to fit your special requirements. Compounding is a method of mixing and personalizing your medicines according to what is prescribed by your physicians. This service helps you in ensuring that you are taking in what is right for you. Compounding is another way of ensuring that you take the proper mix of medicines with the right dosage to help you achieve positive results in your medication treatment.

MedX Compounding Pharmacy in Broadway Street Pearland Texas is able to provide patients with medicines that are customized to fit their needs. With convenient hours and delivery services, get the medication you need as soon as possible with MedX Pharmacy and Compounding.

Compounding allows us to tailor medications that:

  • Create precision dosages
  • Modify ingredients to create a “perfect” application
  • Replace standard delivery mechanisms — Can’t swallow pills? No problem!
  • Disguise distasteful ingredients as a lollipop or a lozenge for a sweet delivery
  • Modify components where possible to avoid digestive difficulties or allergic reactions

We can make a trans-dermal gel to deliver medication!

We can make a transdermal gel to deliver medication, in addition to lollipops, gummies, and more! If you are allergic to common fillers like gluten, lactose, dyes, or alcohol, we can create the medication you need without any problematic ingredients. We can also combine compatible medications into a single dose to ease administration.

To learn more about what our compounding pharmacy can do for you, contact MedX Compounding Pharmacy in Broadway Street Pearland Texas today.