Free Vitamins from Our Drugstore

MedX Pharmacy in Broadway Street, Pearland, Texas supports childhood development through the use of chewable multivitamins provided by the National Vitamin Company/Nature’s Blend. This program has benefits that are essential in the foundation of your child’s healthy lifestyle. Children’s chewable multi-vitamins provide many health advantages, such as stronger immune systems, development of the brain and nervous systems, and healthy bones and muscles.

X-Factor is the multi-vitamin advantage sponsored by MedX Pharmacy in Broadway Street, Pearland, Texas. Sign up today for the free X-Factor launch program that supports kids ages four and up. With this program, your child can receive 30-day supplies of chewable multi-vitamins at no cost to you for up to one full year. As a dietary supplement, it is advised to chew one tablet per day, preferably with a meal for children four years old or older.

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