Statin Therapy: Understanding This Option for Heart Diseases

Statin Therapy: Understanding This Option for Heart Diseases

Statins, scientifically known as HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, are prominently known for its effectiveness in lowering cholesterol levels in the blood; thus, preventing stroke and heart attacks. According to the experts at Mayo Clinic, it reduces the chances of the reoccurrence of strokes by about 40% and death from heart diseases by about 25%-35%. About 15-20 million people are estimated who take statins based on their risks for heart diseases.

MedX Pharmacy, a consistent compounding pharmacy in Houston TX, wants to emphasize to our dearest clients and readers today that the use of statins are for people who actually need it. This is highlighted since it can be of great help when it helps your bodies reabsorb the cholesterol that has buildup becoming blockages in your blood vessels but you have to remember that no all cholesterol is bad.

Having high HDL (“good”) cholesterol prevents the LDL (“bad”) cholesterol plaque buildup in the arteries by carrying it to the liver where it will be eliminated from the body. Statins work by blocking liver enzymes to produce cholesterol—total cholesterol levels (both the good and bad types). If a person’s risk of experiencing a stroke or heart attack is relatively low on a long-term basis, you would not need statins.

We all know that medicines generally give off a relative strength of its side effects and statins are no exception. It includes side effects such as abnormalities in liver enzyme tests, muscle pain and damage, and increased risk for diabetes, insomnia, dizziness, diarrhea, rashes, constipation, headache, skin flushes, and drowsiness with vomiting.

You also have to inform your doctor on medication interactions since statins can carry potential threats for memory loss, high blood sugar, mental confusion, and type 2 diabetes when in contact with particular medications. Serious side effects include severe muscle swelling and damage.

The American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association have identified four primary categories that are recommended for statins:

  • People who have very high LDL cholesterol (190 mg/L or higher)
  • People who have a medical history of cardiovascular conditions—mini-/strokes, heart attacks, surgery to replace or open coronary arteries, and peripheral artery disease.
  • People who have diabetes
  • People whose 10-year risk of a heart attack is 7.5% or higher

We all are aware that smoking, diabetes, obesity, aging, stress, high cholesterol and blood pressure, and hereditary conditions can increase a person’s risks for heart disease and stroke. Hence, it is best to:

  • Stay active and exercise regularly
  • Quit smoking and bad habits
  • Eat nutritious diets that are rick in fish, whole grains, fruit and vegetables and low in trans-/saturated fat, salt, and refined carbohydrates.

When taking statins, remember that if you ever forget to take your dose, do not take an extra one to make up for it and better take your next dose normally in the following day. Contact your doctor or pharmacist from MedX Pharmacy, a dependable compounding pharmacy in Houston TX, for advice and more information about statins today!

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