The History of Rx

history of rx
You might have noticed the letters “Rx” on your doctor’s prescription pad. You might have seen the “Rx” in different pharmacies, too. But do you know where the Rx came from and what it really means?

Rx is the symbol for medical prescription.

Basically, we are all familiar that “Rx” is often used for medical prescriptions. It was allegedly derived from the Latin word “recipere”, which means “to take”. Other sources, however, say that the “Rx” was derived from the Eye of Horus, an ancient Egyptian symbol that depicts healing powers. With all these historical derivations, it can be said that taking medicine by prescription is already a thing in the ancient times. Clay tablets with medical prescriptions were even discovered in the world’s earliest civilization, Mesopotamia.

Later on, the word “recipe”, which is an imperative form of “recipere” was abbreviated to “Rx”. In the medical field, there are abbreviations that show similarity with Rx. These are dx (diagnosis), sx (signs and symptoms) and hx (history).

Drugstores are essential to people.

The first drugstores were opened in Baghdad in the 8th century A.D., which means that drugs have been sold to people since there is a need to treat different illnesses. As time passed by, America had its earliest drugstores during the 17th century. Most of these drugstores were located at the perimeter of Boston and New York.

Later on, drugs were studied thoroughly by people.

Since drugs are important to people for the treatment of their health conditions, pharmacists came into the spotlight. A pharmacy school was built in the United States in 1821, specifically in Philadelphia, making it the first pharmacy school in the US. When the 1950s was almost coming, compounding of some drugs was made in order to suit a patient’s needs. Compounding means mixing raw ingredients in the exact amount and strength for the patient’s needs.

As technology progresses, drugs are improved to meet the patient’s individual needs. From the 1950s to the present, compounding drugs are now well developed. Here at MedX Pharmacy, we provide the compounding services that are tailored for our customer’s individual needs. We also value your time and choices. We can offer free delivery services if you do not have enough time to visit the drugstore. We aim to give you an accurate and immediate service through our friendly, courteous, and well-trained staff. For quality and hassle-free services, call us now at 281-506-2453.

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