Three Things You Need To Know About Compounding Drugs

Compound Drug

Drugs, medications or prescriptions come at many sizes and shapes. Each differs in physical chemical properties. In some medical cases, there are these patients who badly need drugs that are assorted for them. These drugs are called compounding drugs.

So what is a compounding drug? Why are compounding drugs prescribed to patients? Where can we find them?


A compounding drug is a prepared drug or medication suitable for a specific patient. They are prepared by licensed compounding pharmacists in licensed compounding pharmacies. These drugs are prescribed by a patient’s doctor for patients who have a hard time in taking drugs. The patients that usually need compounding drugs are the newborn babies and the elderly.

In a compounding drug, there will only be an adjustment to the dosage, like the weight of the medicine and what other active substances can be added to lessen the effect of toxicity and whatnots. Compounding pharmacists will mix these prescribed drugs and match them to the needs and wants of the patient. They can convert tablets to specially flavoured liquids or maybe transform them into suppositories.

Two different types of medicine that are mixed together can totally be considered as a compounding drug. However, compounding drugs are not made to follow the chemical components of commercially available drugs.


We know now what a compounding drugs is but what does the patient benefit from it? Usually, compounding drugs are done for the patients who are hospitalized, meaning patients who are confined in the hospitals. So, how does it work?

Body weight is very vital to a patient that is prescribed to use a compounding drug since it is involved in the computation of the dosage of a drug or medicine. Series of medical tests shall be done first to the patient, whatever the diagnosis is, the doctor will prescribe a personalized prescription.

After that, the clinical pharmacist or a local compounding pharmacist, the assigned pharmacist, will mix those medicines together. The medicines mixed will be given to the patient by the pharmacist if the patient is ambulatory. If the patient is confined, the nurse will be the one to deliver the medicine.

Basically, compounding drugs are prescribed when the patient is not able to digest or intake the medicine given by the doctor.


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