Tips on Keeping Track of Taking Your Medication

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One of the main problems that people have with taking their medication is that they have problems remembering when to take them. It is usually due to bad memory or maybe being too preoccupied with other activities but your medicine is for you o either regain your health or maintain it so you should try and remember when to take them. The instructions your doctor gives you should be followed so that the medicine can be effective and you can get better faster. MedX Pharmacy is a Compounding Pharmacy in Houston TX and we know how important it is for you to be on time when taking your medication so here are a few tips for you.

Whether it’s on your phone or your pocketbook reminders are always a good idea for taking medication. For those people who are constantly busy or simply forgetful reminders will aid them when to take their medication. Be creative with your reminders the more eye catching or conveniently placed it is the more likely you will see it and remember. Some people would even write it in a small bulletin board in their house so they can change it and decorate it.

Ask For Assistance
For seniors remembering when to take their medication can be very challenging. Their old age affects their memory and they could forget about taking their medicine completely. For those elderly adults who are still living with family ask for assistance, ask them if they can remind you when to take your medicine. Some seniors are reminded by caregivers that take care of them. Having someone help you will decrease the chances of you missing your medication.

Keep Your Medicine Close at Hand
Many forget to take their medication either because they have left their medicine at home when they are at wok or may have even misplaced them. Keeping your medication near you will decrease the chances of you forgetting to take them. There are special medicine cases that are small enough to bring around and secure enough that your medication will not fall out of. MedX Pharmacy is a Compounding Pharmacy in Houston TX and we provide various services so we are able to serve our customers’ different needs. One of these services is special medication packaging so that our customers can keep their medication secure and easily accessible.

Here at MedX Pharmacy we consider ourselves as the custodian of our customers’ health. As a Compounding Pharmacy in Houston TX we do our best to provide you with quality medication. Do you have any personal tips of your own when keeping track of your medication? We would love to hear from you.

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