Ways to Safely Take Your Medications


Many people are suffering from the consequences of not taking their medications safely. While it’s easy to get confused about prescriptions or over-the-counter medications sometimes, the best way to avoid any unpleasant effect is to always consult a medical professional. For example, some drugs may have ingredients that can trigger any allergies you may have but it can simply be resolved by talking to a compounding pharmacist, like our expert pharmacists here, at MedX Pharmacy, the leading Compounding Pharmacy in Houston TX, who will remove the offending ingredient while still keeping the drug’s effectiveness intact. Here are some of the safety tips you should always keep in mind when you are taking medications.

Follow the Schedule

Medications are more likely to be effective if you follow the prescribed medication course by your doctor. Take your medications at the same time every day. If you are the type who tends to forget whether they have taken their meds at a certain time, make a chart, or any type of reminder that’s more convenient for you, and place it beside the medicine or any place that is easy to see to keep track on whether or not you have already taken your medication.

Watch Out for Drug Interactions

When taking a certain drug, there may be some food, drinks, or other medicines that you should avoid in order to prevent having a bad reaction. You should raise this question to your physician as he is prescribing the medicine or ask your pharmacist as you purchase it. Drinking alcohol when you are taking your medication should also be avoided as it may cause the drug to not work as expected or, worse, make you even sicker.

Get the Correct Dosage

It’s already a common practice among people who can’t afford the medication they are prescribed, either because it’s expensive or they are prescribed two types of medicine at the same time, to cut their tablets into half in order to save up. Others would sometimes do the same thing when they have trouble swallowing the tablet. However, this method, as well as crushing the pill or diluting it with liquid, may result to not getting the right dosage and, as a consequence, will lessen the effectiveness of the medication. Our compounding pharmacists at MedX Pharmacy, the most trusted Compounding Pharmacy in Houston TX, can help by combining compatible medications into a single dose or turn your drugs into a trans-dermal gel for easier delivery.

If you are in need of an expert advice regarding your prescription or simply looking for a trusted Compounding Pharmacy in Houston TX, don’t hesitate to contact us, at MedX Pharmacy, at 281-506-2453

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