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Vitamins for women

Females are often tagged as “health conscious” more than males due to the fact that females are the ones who are most likely to initiate a diet plan or a skin care regimen. When a female gets her monthly visitor, the more she is likely to care about herself since she undergoes a lot of unusual changes in her body. Aside from all the things a woman should keep in her beauty kit, she should make sure that she is healthy and fit. By the term “healthy”, it doesn’t mean she has to be thin or fat. She has to meet the average height and weight for her age and make sure that she has no troubles with her health conditions. She should keep the right kinds of vitamins to take for her to be solid despite all the health conditions she may encounter.

The B Vitamin family
The B Vitamin family is made up of eight vitamins that will help you maintain metabolism, a healthy and sharp mind, and muscle tone. The most important out of these eight B vitamins is B9, which is the folic acid vitamin. This keeps your red blood cells healthy and normal. It also protects the body from cancer and birth defects.

Vitamin C
With Vitamin C, you will never go wrong. Vitamin C boosts your immune system and helps prevent heart diseases, prenatal problems, and eye problems. It even helps your wounds heal faster than expected.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A is an antioxidant which also boosts your immune system, prevents eye problems and heart diseases, and slows skin aging down. Make sure you get the right amount of Vitamin A, as it gets toxic if you overdose yourself.

Vitamin D
Sounds familiar, right? Yes, your textbooks in school might have mentioned that you can get Vitamin D by exposure to sunlight. But Vitamin D also exists in the form of a drug, a wonder drug even. It reduces the risk of having breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and diabetes. It is also important in muscle function.

For strong bones and teeth, calcium is definitely the need! It also helps strengthen your nervous system. Bones should be given importance as bone density is lost slowly, starting at the age of twenty for some women.

Be an Iron Lady! Some women have anemia, which means they lack iron in their bodies. Lack of iron can also equate to a weak immune system. Women with heavy periods should take iron to help them with their period’s flow.

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