What a Pharmacy Can Provide During Assisted Living


Many seniors depend on assistance to get through their daily lives. For some they have family to help them get through the day but for others they my live too far from their relatives and would be taken care of by a caregiver. A caregiver can help seniors with basic activities that are needed for daily living. Here at MedX Pharmacy we are a Compounding Pharmacy in Houston TX that strives to help our customer’s maintain or regain their health. We work closely with your home care provider to give you the medication and medical supplies you need in order for you to get better and live a more comfortable life.

Mobility Aids and Other Medical Equipment
For seniors being taken care of at home they can depend on their caregiver to assist them with their daily routines. To be able to provide them quality service, caregivers still need to use certain medical equipment to aid their patients. For some patients they may need walkers or crutches to be able to get around while others may need more specialized equipment for their condition such as diabetes. In order for caregivers to fully help their patients they will need access to these. Here at MedX Pharmacy we are a Compounding Pharmacy in Houston TX but also we offer durable medical equipment that can help with your love ones’ care.

Medicine and Vitamins
Part of your loved ones’ care plan would be taking the medication that your physician prescribed for them. Caregivers are often in charge of your loved ones’ medication by helping them remember when to take their medication and how much they should take. For some seniors it may be more difficult if the medicine they are prescribed with is difficult for them to take. At MedX Pharmacy we are a Compounding Pharmacy in Houston TX that can help you with your special needs. We offer standard over the counter medications but we also offer compounding services which allows individuals to have personalized medication in order for them to have an easier time when it comes to medicine.

Pharmacies provide your loved ones with the proper tools and medicines that are needed for their care. From assisted living facilities to home care providers we work closely together with them to aid them with their patients. At MedX Pharmacy we are obligated to serve the heath are needs of our customers. Visit our website to see how we can help you and your family. http://www.medxpharm.com/

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