What Vitamin C Can Do For Your Body


Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is probably one of the more available vitamins for most people around the world. Yes, it gets a lot of attention since its benefits and advice from friends and family shares it to be a best seller and at the top of the “most popular” nutrition supplement list.

MedX Pharmacy, a trusted compounding pharmacy in Houston TX, shares all what you should know about the power of Vitamin C for your body. And we can start on the recent discoveries on Vitamin C for colds showing that it can actually reduce the severity of cold symptoms making it a natural antihistamine.

Allergy control
Vitamin C is found to be very useful for allergy control for the same reason—to reduce histamine levels. Extra Vitamin C in the body can shorten the duration of the cold as well. But, you do not have to take mega doses of the vitamin to actually prevent the common cold.

Collagen production
Also, this vitamin is a significant factor in collagen creation and we all are aware of the primary use of collage—healing wounds of all types. Yes! Orally-taken vitamin C can help wounds heal faster and better from cuts and broken bones to recovery from surgical wounds and burns. When smeared topically, it can protect the skin from the free radicals that damage after exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

Cancer prevention
It is widely known that Vitamin C has antioxidant properties that defend cells and their DNA from abnormal mutation and damage. It supports the body’s immune system—the first line of defense against cancer. Also, it can reduce the risks of getting almost all types of cancer since it keeps the immune system nourished enabling it to battle the cancer.

Cataract circumvention
Cataract is the clouding of the lens of the eyes that can lead to blindness in older adults. It is known that the lens needs a lot of vitamin C to counteract all the free radicals that form as a result of sunlight on the eyes. It makes it easy for the body to pull it out of your blood and direct it into the lens defensing it from damage. Research also shows that 1,000 mg of vitamin C may stop cataracts and improve vision.

Reduce the risks of heart disease
Vitamin C acts as the nutrient that can keep cholesterol in the bloodstream from oxidizing which is supposed to be an early step in the progression towards heart disease and stroke. It can help people who have marginal vitamin C status and can regularize high blood pressure. Plus, it is really inexpensive to lower one’s risks of heart diseases.

Know more on how you can benefit from Vitamin C, call MedX Pharmacy today! We are a long-trusted compounding pharmacy in Houston TX who formulates the right supplements for our clients and patients to bring out the best of health in you!

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