Why Are Compounding Pharmacies More Reliable Medical Suppliers? [PART I]

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Compounding pharmacies create a certain pharmaceutical product suitable to the exclusive need/s of a patient. They combine or process the specific ingredients using state-of-the-art technology for a necessary medical reason because of the growing complexities and uniqueness of conditions and biological matters among the patients of the 21st century. In fact, compounding has been present in the medical field. MedX Pharmacy, a trustworthy compounding pharmacy in Houston TX, aims to bring to light the most common reasons why people increasingly choose compounding pharmacies.

Adjustable prescription strengths
Commercial drugs, with all due respect, react to the most common and similar mechanisms in the body when targeting a condition. These commercial drugs follow a standard that affects patients differently, and when talking about strengths, one size does not fit all indeed.

However, a reliable compounding pharmacy in Houston TX can adjust the strength of each dosage. This helps patients in great degrees because it can lessen side effects and bring more impact on the targeted condition. Since each person has a unique need, you also need to have specific medications that you can make the most of.

Different dosage forms
Are you scared that your teens might choke on the size of the pill they take? Are you usually uncomfortable when taking tablets? Do you think liquid is too much of a hassle compared to that of a capsule? Dosage forms really vary from one medicine to another, from one brand to another.

In contrast, compounding pharmacies can change the form as to how a patient likes it to be. Changing the dosage forms has increased the compliance of patients with their medications. Also, they can transform your kids’ medications from unpleasant bitterness to the flavors that your kids would even look forward to taking.

Discontinued medicines
Do you have medicines before that you can no longer find in any commercial stores? Or have they been phased out by the company for some reason? Due to economic issues and considerations, thousands of medicines are discontinued every now and then. Most of them have important and effective benefits and the only way now to acquire these is through pharmaceutical compounding.

Special patients
Each patient has a unique need especially for pain management—given the different levels of pain, dental, dermatological, sports injury, BHRT, and environmentally and cosmetic-sensitive patients who can only be treated with compounded medications that are prescribed by their prescriptions. Even cancer patients need a unique compounded “cocktails” or mixture of cancer drugs which are often unavailable in commercial drug stores.

Prescription shortages
Due the increasing demand for medical supplies and progressive growth of different complex diseases, prescription medicines may become unavailable in the drugstores near you. However, commercially-available medicines can formulate them and compound these to suit your needs. It would be great to have a pharmacy who can provide commercially-available and specialized medications in one place!

If MedX Pharmacy sounds like the best compounding pharmacy in Houston TX for you, then call us today for more information and assistance! You can also visit our pharmacy today!

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